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Default Badfinger - CD releases coming up

This is excellent news.. and a nice article

Badfinger's Joey Molland says he's looking forward to the new Apple CD releases coming out on Oct. 26 from EMI this year.

"I'm excited about the re-release. It's nice to see a lot of the unreleased stuff being put out. It's nice that we'll finally be on iTunes and be available for downloads and all that stuff," he said in a phone interview.

Molland says he's had an active role in the new reissues. "I've been involved with them to the extent that I've been helping with the liner notes and some of the history of the band," he says. "But yeah, we're all excited about it. I went over to Apple in May. I went to London and met with Apple and stuff and the atmosphere was good. Everybody was anticipating a good launch. It's great to be working with them a little bit."

He says he has fond memories of the Badfinger days now. "They were very enjoyable days for me, very exciting. I enjoyed it."

Which albums in the Badfinger catalog is he most proudest of? "I enjoyed them all. I wasn't a party to 'Magic Christian Music,' but 'No Dice,' 'Straight Up,' 'Ass' and the Warner Bros. records I really enjoyed doing. It was a lot of fun."

Is there a lot of Badfinger material still in the vaults? "I think there is," he says. "They keep coming across other stuff they don't even know they have. And so, similarly, there's stuff they haven't been able to find. Some of the masters have kind of been misplaced over the years, just misfiled."
Molland played on George Harrison's "All Things Must Pass" sessions and remembers what a thrill it was. "George was sweet to us," he says. "We really enjoyed ourselves. Tom (Evans) and Pete (Ham) and myself, we were all playing acoustic guitars. They put us in like a blue box with doors on. And we sat inside the little box and played guitar. It was a lot of fun. We'd go every day, eat some Indian food, mingle with George and everybody and chat about what was going on with Badfinger and stuff. And Eric was putting Derek and the Dominoes together at the time. I think George was excited to be getting all these songs out. It was a great thrill for us to be playing with these guys, you know."

He also recalls how relaxed the atmosphere was during the sessions. "They were very friendly. These guys aren't rock stars. They're very normal people, just brilliant. I remember that about them. Being surprised. You know, they drove themselves. They loaded their own gear. Plugged their own amps in. They tuned their own guitars. They didn't have staff or entourages with them. People just showed up and we went to work. It was really good."

Molland, Ham and Evans were invited by Harrison to play at the Concert for Bangladesh. He says the rehearsals for the show were full of anticipation.
"I remember we rehearsed up at the Steinway Building. I think it's up on 53rd Street near Central Park. And the Steinway Shop there. And up above there they have a rehearsal room. And that's where we were at. I remember there was Ringo and George. I think Klaus Voormann was there playing bass, Billy Preston playing piano. Just that small band and Badfinger.
"And we rehearsed the songs. We went over all the songs again from the 'All Things Must Pass' album. I think incidentally that's why he had us all because we'd all played on the record. And he asked all the musicians who'd been with him on the record could they come to New York and play a show. Anyway, we rehearsed with that small band at first, then through the week, prior to the concert, the different musicians showed up. And Eric didn't show up until Saturday, the Saturday before the concert."

He said Dylan's appearance was a surprise to even the musicians.

"Nobody even knew Dylan was coming. He showed up at the dress rehearsal at the Garden on the Saturday afternoon. You know, it was all put together, his part of the show was all put together that afternoon. Very impromptu. It was a lot of fun. It was great, very exciting. Roomful of musicians. Bobby Keyes, Jim Horn, all these guys. These are people we'd play with on records over the years. But it was great to see them all again and be all together on that big old stage playing all those great songs.
"As you know, Peter from our band did 'Here Comes the Sun,'" he recalls. "It was a big thrill for him. Pete was really kind of nervous about it. I don't think he really wanted to do it. It was just a great occasion and it was the first one of those big concerts. You know, recently, last year, we got an award because the record had sold 4 million units of video. It raised about a quarter of a billion dollars. Just stunning, things like that. So it was very exciting and very happening.

"And you know we had a record in the charts at the time. We were the only people on the stage who had a hit record. It was funny. They tucked inside there so we could play our acoustics. And that was OK with us."

Molland is at the tail end of Hippiefest 2010, a traveling show with a group of '60s musicians that this year included himself, Mitch Ryder, Jack Bruce, Rare Earth and War. "The tour's going fun. We having a lot of fun. We have been doing it for about four years now. About 25 shows a year. It's always a lot of fun. Hanging out with old people that you know. A lot of energy onstage. We all try to bring those songs to life as best we can."
"We all do the hits that we're associated with. In my case, of course, I do all the Badfinger songs, including 'Without You' if I have enough time. I've only got about 20 minutes to a half an hour set, so you do what you can, tell a couple of stories, try and enjoy it, try and bring it to life for the audience."

Following Hippiefest, Molland will be staying busy. "I'm going over to England to play Liverpool. We've got a big concert at the Philharmonic there," he says.

"And then after that, I'm coming home for a short while, then I'm off to Australia for six weeks. I should be back from that in November and we'll take a little time off, Thanksgiving and Christmas. And then I'm going to start working on a couple of new records. One will be a solo record a Joey Molland album, a CD. The other one I'll be doing with a friend of mine, Phil Solem from the Rembrandts. And Phil and I have got kind of a power acoustic thing we're doing. And we're going to make a CD at the end of the year. We're writing songs for it right now."

Remainder of Hippiefest schedule:
August 27, 2010, Marksville, LA, Paragon Casino & Resort
August 28, 2010, Clearwater, FL, Ruth Eckerd Hall
August 29, 2010, Ft. Lauderdale, FL, Broward County PAC

"Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature"
- George Harrison

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MAGIC CHRISTIAN MUSIC (1970) by Badfinger
This Remastered CD includes five Bonus Tracks, all previously unreleased rare recordings by The Iveys:
• ‘And Her Daddy’s A Millionaire’ / alternative version
• ‘Mrs Jones’ / remix of an Iveys single-that-never-was
• ‘Sali Bloo’ / mono mix
• ‘See-Saw Granpa’ / mono mix
• ‘I’ve Been Waiting’ / unedited take of this psychedelic cult classic
Six more rare Iveys tracks will be available exclusively as Digital Downloads:
• ‘Dear Angie’ / mono mix
• ‘No Escaping Your Love’ / mono mix
• ‘Think About The Good Times’ / previously unreleased mono mix
• ‘Yesterday Ain’t Coming Back / previously unreleased mono mix
• ‘Arthur’ / previously unreleased stereo remix.
• ‘Storm In A Teacup’ / from Apple’s 1969 Wall’s Ice Cream EP

NO DICE (1970) by Badfinger
This Remastered CD includes five bonus tracks, all previously unreleased rare recordings; the last five of which were all produced by Mal Evans:
• ‘I Can’t Take It’ / extended version / produced by Geoff Emerick
• ‘Without You’ / mono studio demo
• ‘Get Down’ / mono studio demo
• ‘Photograph’ (aka ‘Friends Are Hard To Find’) / alternative version
• ‘Believe Me’ / alternative version
• ‘No Matter What’ / mono demo version
Two further previously unreleased tracks will be available exclusively as Digital Downloads:
• ‘Love Me Do’ / instrumental version
• ‘Get Down’ / extended stereo version

STRAIGHT UP (1972) by Badfinger
This remastered CD includes six bonus tracks, all produced by Grammy Award-winner Geoff Emerick, three of which are previously unreleased songs:
• ‘I’ll Be The One’ / originally intended as a Badfinger single
• ‘Name Of The Game’ / first version; the cancelled single, Apple 35
• ‘Baby Blue’ / US single mix; not issued on 45 in the UK
• ‘Baby Please’ / previously unreleased song
• ‘No Good At All’ / previously unreleased song
• ‘Sing For The Song’ / previously unreleased song
Seven further tracks will be available exclusively as Digital Downloads, all taken from the unreleased album in between "No Dice" and "Straight Up," produced by Geoff Emerick. One of these tracks is previously unreleased:
• ‘Money’
• ‘Flying’
• ‘Perfection’
• ‘Suitcase’ / with original ‘Pusher, Pusher’ lyric
• ‘Sweet Tuesday Morning’ / previously unreleased
• ‘Mean Mean Jemima’
• ‘Loving You’

ASS (1974) by Badfinger
This remastered CD includes five bonus tracks, all produced by Badfinger themselves. Four of these are previously unreleased versions, and one is a previously unreleased song:
• ‘Do You Mind’
• ‘Apple Of My Eye’
• ‘Blind Owl’
• ‘Regular’ / previously unreleased song
• ‘Timeless’
Five further tracks will be available exclusively as Digital Downloads, all produced by Badfinger themselves. Four of these are previously unreleased versions and the other is a previously unreleased song:
• ‘Get Away’
• ‘When I Say’
• ‘The Winner’
• ‘I Can Love You’
• ‘Piano Red’ / previously unreleased song
"Everyone should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by Nature"
- George Harrison

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Thumbs up

I have been reading about this on-line, I am looking forward to this, love Badfinger!
"the love you take, is equal to the love you make"

~ Nancy ~
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