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Apple Scruff
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Default The Inner John

Was surfing through Tumblr just now and came upon an interesting post. Apparently, there is a book that came out entitled:

And in this book you are able to decipher your 'Inner Beatle.' Some people are very definitely one Beatle, others have shades of each Beatle in them. I don't own the book but I'm definitely considering it for my iPad. In any case, I found the website and this is what was said about John:

Inner John

Are you or someone you love a mad genius? A troubled artist? Ahead of your time? Gifted? Talented? Full of melancholy and quiet charm? Do you feel youíre the smartest one in the room and yet you donít want to be the center of attention? Is your life full of tragedy and yet you persevere? Do you make terrible choices when it comes to relationships? Does your spouse or lover bring out the worst in you? If you answered ďyesĒ to many of these questions, there is a good chance you are a ďJohn.Ē

Simply put, Johns are serious people. They are deep, contemplative thinkers with a strong bent toward the arts or pushing the boundaries of their careers. They tend to take life seriously, but hide the fact behind humor. They can be moody and withdrawn, and yet often extremely engaging and fascinating people. Frequently, Johns exhibit feelings of superiority, being the superman in a world of fools.

Are you a John?
Find out if the following examples describe you or a loved one.

You are often troubled by ideas or problems that others can seemingly shrug off.
You can hold resentments or grudges for a long time.
Social justice is important to you. You feel the world is inherently unfair.
You have trouble taking criticism.
In romance, you pick partners who are equals or challenge you intellectually.
You are almost always busy with work or personal projects to fulfill your creative needs. You donít understand people who are bored (like that guy who wins the lottery and keeps his day job).
Positive Traits of a John

Negative Traits of a John

Famous Johns Throughout History

Vincent Van Gogh
Julius Caesar
Michael Jordan
Richard Nixon
Bob Dylan
Walt Disney
Malcolm X
Ernest Hemingway
Al Pacino
Frank Sinatra

"Let me live in you..." ~ John Lennon
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Maia 66
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Yeah, I've seen that book... my friend and I spent some time in my local bookstore reading through it and analyzing each other. According to this book's descriptions, I'd say I was a George/John. lol

It's all for fun... like astrology. One of John's traits that they didn't include is the inner contradictions he had... he could be so deeply compassionate and perceptive about people's feelings and motives, but at the same time he could be brutal with others and very naive about their motives. He was that hard rocker with a soft and mushy inner core... he was full of contradictions!

I think they could've added Beethoven, Thomas Jefferson, and of course Oscar Wilde to the list of famous Johns.

All I want is the truth
Just give me some truth...

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