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Old Oct 10, 2002, 09:06 AM   #81
Paperback Writer
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Default Re: The Beatles and \"Slash\"

<BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Tahoma, Arial, Sans-Serif">Quote:</font><HR>Originally Posted By HMVNipper:
I mean, anyone who has a site called the "Severus Snape Fuh-Q-Fest" is an extremely disturbed individual, IMO. Makes my skin crawl.


Please... I can't believe someone would actually title their site that. Probably some 12-year-old with nothing better to do.


Imagine. (it's here)

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Old Mar 10, 2007, 02:13 PM   #82
Beatle Girl
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I really don't like it, I once read one story about and it was terrible!!
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Old Apr 30, 2007, 09:49 AM   #83
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I agree with some things that have been pointed out, so forgive me if I am repetitive.

I guess your feelings on slash as a genre just depend on your moral views, as would any heterosexual stories along the same lines. I wouldn't denounce slash altogether just because I don't agree with homosexuality. For myself, I just don't enjoy overly graphic or violent stories...

I understand how people would be upset when writers aren't true to a real person's characteristics and being. The Beatles definitely showed who they were and I don't think slash fits into that.

But isn't that one point of writing fiction? To create situations that otherwise may not have existed? There are tons of "Mary Jane" stories involving our boys, and that obviously wasn't true to their lives either. Maybe they aren't the greatest fanfics out there, but they can be entertaining. Each genre has its audience, and each writer the freedom to create.

I agree that one should have the utmost respect when they are writing about actual people that have existed, to respect their rights as a human being. I think one problem is that in many peoples' minds, The Beatles weren't real human beings. They tend to be seen as larger-than-life symbols of a generation, or a product that's made to sell. And this problem is magnified by the fact that The Beatles were a performing act decades ago. The lines between fantasy and reality have been blurred when it comes to The Beatles, and I think that may play a part in many of the stories that are written about them.
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Old May 23, 2007, 02:28 PM   #84
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Miss_lennon makes a good point. While the older fogies amongst us may have been there at the time, I for one didn't exist. They were so huge and so iconic even forty years on, that to me they really do seem to have separate identities: as the Beatles, legends in their own lifetimes, and then as real people, warts and all.

I read and write slash, some of it about the Beatles. Until I became interested in Beatles fanfic, I was leery of Real Person Slash (RPS as we call it) for the same reason that most people cited here: they were real people with real lives and not just my slash-playthings. But I got over it. As far as I can square it, RPS doesn't really cross the line so long as you remain aware that it is fiction, and however much the idea of John and Paul together intrigues you, it didn't happen.

I do want to make one thing clear. Slash isn't just about sex. It isn't just about sex, rape, abuse, BDSM, h/c or anything else. Slash comes in all the shapes and sizes het does. It isn't just about middle-aged white women writing down their homoerotic fantasies, either. And there is certainly nothing wrong with underage kids reading and writing it. I did, and I turned out alright! It might freak out some adults, particularly those with kids, but it's harmless. Even the darker side isn't damaging, just freaky if you don't know what to expect.

And I don't know who said it, but 'slash' isn't a label. It's a declaration! We're here and we think they're queer - get over it!
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Old May 29, 2007, 02:05 PM   #85
Fool On The Hill
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I personally agree with Jimminy on this one. I have read a lot of fanfiction, and, though my friend introduced me to slash quite a while after I started, I had no problems – I was reading about fictional characters, in a situation and with issues that they don’t have in canon, but were interesting to read about (my original fandom was Harry Potter, and it was a Harry/Draco – they were both 18, I believe).

I recently became more of a fan of the Beatles than Harry Potter, and, originally, started to read fanfiction with my friend which was completely het, and of course we came across the usual plot devices: time travel, Mary-Sues, Woke-Up-In-Vegas, unwanted pregnancies – the lot. But we didn’t mind – we’d read a lot of random rubbish before. However, the idea of Beatleslash was completely mind boggling, as they were all so incredibly straight.

Our other friend (who introduced me to Harry Potter slash), was not so phased by the idea, as she prefers reading slash to reading het, in whatever fandom. She even picked out a favourite pairing (Paul/John) but we protested to her that it was completely out of character, and, well, they were both so goddamn straight!

However, we thought about it, both having read quite a bit of Harry Potter slash, and, thinking realistically, thought that it was plausible. Of course, we know that they were straight, and John was mildly homophobic, but is it too much a stretch of the imagination to imagine that Paul and John’s amazing friendship could have the potential for something more? Of course, in real life, nothing came of this potential, but we started to think, and, thinking, ‘what if, what if?’, we started to write, and have now written a chunk of our own Paul/John slashfic.

Now, which is more believable; a story where the Beatles travel forward three decades and decide to seduce two girls about five years their junior, this resulting in true, lasting love, an unwanted pregnancy, and a second, bigamous, shotgun wedding? Or a story where the potential for John and Paul’s friendship to be something more was realised, and how that affected them?

And as for the talent of people reading slash, sometimes, there is a lot more talent needed to write convincing slash than there is for writing convincing het – you have to show how a canonically straight character could possibly be having gay thoughts and feelings, and how this affects this character. You have to write about how everyone else takes this, especially in a stagmented society like the wizarding world, or a less accepting society, like the sixties.

And the ages of people, well, I was twelve or thirteen when I read my first slash story, and I don’t think that it has negatively affected me at all. It was very well-written, and very interesting, to see the situations that Harry and Draco were placed in, because of the acceptance of the wizarding society and Harry’s friends. This would not be possible with a het story, because what stigma would there be, and what issue could Hermione possibly take with Harry and, say, Pansy having a romantic relationship? Practically none at all. But make Pansy male, say, Draco, and it’s a completely different kettle of fish.

I have read far more graphic and disturbing het than I have slash, and I think that it is really the plot, not the pairing, that makes the fic. There is fluffy slash, and angsty slash, H/C, BDSM, touching, incredibly slow-moving, incredibly fast-moving, graphic, tender, and practically any kind of slash you care to name, just as there is het. Just because it is slash does not mean that it is disturbing. It just means that it is less likely to be true, and, in fanfiction, surely that is the point?

Admittedly, it is harder to justify with RL characters, because they are, well, real. This does not, however, mean that it is impossible to justify. It might well be construed as libellous, but it is fiction, and if it is taken as fiction, then you could take it as just another direction that their characters could move in, and it can be just as good fiction, and better, than a fic where the Beatles fall in love with, and marry, fangirls of theirs, (and can be more believable), or a one-shot where they have graphic sex with a groupie.

Neither of which I think the Beatles would be particularly happy to see, either.

And, well, here's the first Beatleslash I read. It goes with canon, and could realistically have happened. No-one is saying that it did, but it's a what-if. It goes from teen days to John's death, and I think it is really good.

If you [i]do[i] read it, and it says that the next chapter can't be displayed, just type the chapter link in up at the top - it'll be[chapter number].html

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Old May 30, 2007, 07:49 PM   #86
Maggie Mae
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I haven't read the whole thread yet, but I just wanted to add my two cents, kinda along the same lines at Limpet.

"Slash" doesn't necessarily have to be explicitly pornographic or sexual or aggressive or anything like that. I've written one (complete) story to date that I would consider "slash-y" and it had no sex in it whatsoever. It focused on the emotional relationship between Paul and John, from Paul's point of view, on the first night they're in America back in '64. I imagined that Paul missed John because they hadn't had time to sit down, chat, write songs, or do anything since they arrived in America, and the story about their deep friendship went from there. It was totally heterosexual, but I made no bones about showing how much the two loved one another as friends, brothers, possible soulmates, and all that jazz. Like others here have said, slash doesn't always have to be rated R.

Having said that, the majority of slash is quite racy. I've never had a problem with it, though I could see why others would. I think it was Susan very early on in this thread who said that she disliked the idea of separating something like Harry Potter fanfic from Beatles fanfic because of the fictional vs. real person distinction. I agree with her -- in fact, after stopped us from posting our real person (RP) fanfics on their site while still allowing fictional fanfic, I discovered that RP fanfic can't come under as severe copyright penalties as fanfics that use fictional characters (real people can't be copyrighted, while Buffy or Harry can be), which makes me wonder if perhaps we should all be writing RP fanfics! -- but I also see how the slashiness of RP fanfics can be offensive, especially if the characters involved are so completely straight and the slash scenes suggest otherwise. But some are very well written and believable, and worth the read if you can find them! :)

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