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Smile Lennon art show

This is an article from my local paper. John's art show will be here Dec 8-Dec 11th.

************************************************** *****

Lennonšs drawings get local showing
ŒSo This Is Xmas opens on 25th anniversary of ex-Beatle's slaying

News Arts Writer
Friday is an important day for two reasons. The date marks the 25th anniversary of the death of John Lennon and it is also the opening date of ŗSo This Is Xmas, an Ann Arbor showing of the ex-Beatle's drawings.
The exhibit, at a gallery at 217 N. Main St. in downtown Ann Arbor, is part of a pledge made by Yoko Ono, Lennonšs widow, to promote her husband's legacy as an artist.
The exhibit will feature some early works including a few of the notorious Bag One drawings and later pieces, called the Real Love drawings, done for Lennon and Ono's son, Sean. The showing, which will include works for sale, will run through Dec. 11. A $2 suggested donation will benefit Dawn Farm, a local recovery center for alcoholics and addicts.
Lennon's artwork was last exhibited here in 2001.
Ono said Lennon's drawings appeal to everyone.
"With John's work you respond * you don't need a critic to tell you if it's good," she said by phone from New York late last week. "You walk in and you actually feel the art. There should be more art like that in museums * most art in museums is very serious * lines are serious and heavy. ... John's work is very genuine, every line has a sense of humor and every line is funny."
While Lennon is best known as a musician, as a young man he also studied art. His drawings began to appear in public while the Beatles were still together in books Lennon published as a side project. In 1969, as a wedding gift to Ono, he drew the "Bag One Portfolio, a chronicle of their wedding ceremony, honeymoon and their plea for world peace. Exhibited in London in 1970, some of the works were seized by Scotland Yard over obscenity concerns.
Not surprisingly, much of Lennonšs work revolves around themes of peace and family.
"John really worked hard on creating a new image of fathers," Ono said. "Now when you walk around in the park you see guys pushing the prams ... its an age where fathers are much more aware about being fathers and men and it's beautiful, and you will see that in the exhibit, too."
Although she called to talk about Lennon's art, Ono also touched on the world situation and her vision for the future. "It's important, she said, to have patience."
"Back in the 1970s, we thought world peace would be right there, next month. But of course it didnšt happen. ... Instead of being impatient, let it take its own course. It will get there,"she said.
"Ninety-nine percent of the world is now aware of the fact that it's better to have world peace. One percent has been making a big noise; the noise is so big we are all feeling scared and confused. ... We should know the reality is something much more beautiful and solid and is going to take us to a beautiful world. We will speak out and stand up and do it together."
Ono said she's reminded, as opposition to the war in Iraq builds, of the time in 1971 when she and Lennon came to Ann Arbor for the famous Free John Sinclair rally at Crisler Arena to benefit the White Panther Party leader who had been imprisoned on a marijuana-possession charge.
"Now people are starting to speak up. When John and I stood up for peace ... we kind of stood alone in the world."
Ono said it is still important to look after Lennon's legacy.
"I am wearing so many hats * I am doing my artwork, doing my music, making sure John's CDs are coming out in the right order. ... There will be some films coming out too, and I participate in each one of them. That's my job."
Ono said she firmly believes that Lennon's art, and the shows themselves, have the power to unite people.
"That's a side (to the shows) that I wasn't expecting. I was amazed. (The shows) are getting to be a meeting place. ... People go home feeling less lonely."
(The ad card that I found has Yoko's name in a huge font above the name of the exhibit, "So this is Xmas" and then in a SMALLER font are the words JOHN LENNON. Hmmmmmm...whose exhibit is it?)
Copyright The Ann Arbor News Dec 4, 2005
"Excuse me, do you mind not farting while I'm saving the world?" -The 9th Doctor, DOCTOR WHO episode "World War Three"

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