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Old Oct 24, 2006, 05:05 AM   #1
Fool On The Hill
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Default Beatles, Cat Stevens, David Bowie?

(I think this is the right place to discuss this? Sorry if it's not, feel free to move it - I'm still getting a feel for the forums here )

Before I became a Beatle fanatic, I was very much into the music of Cat Stevens and David Bowie - both British contemporaries of the ex-Beatles in the 70's, as I understand it.

I have snooped around as best I can, but can't find anything relating Paul, George, Ringo or John to Stevens or Bowie, in any way. I don't know, I suppose the musical connections are slim (except perhaps in the case of Cat Stevens and George? Maybe it's just the spiritualism and the facial hair ) but I'd have thought that these prominent artists, being from the same country and decade, would have crossed paths somewhere along the line?
I know their relationship with the Rolling Stones, Donovan and Bob Dylan in the 1960's is well documented, but I was just wondering if any of you knew of any connections with Bowie and Stevens later on.

The reason I ask is because I recently read about John's association with Elton John, just before he died, and it got me thinking about how the boys may have come into contact with other artists?
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Old Oct 24, 2006, 01:47 PM   #2
instant karla
Sgt. Pepper
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john co-wrote, played guitar and sang on bowie's "fame" back in 1975. that's the first connection that comes to mind.

and welcome to beatlelinks!
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Old Oct 24, 2006, 02:31 PM   #3
Pepperland Kamer
Dr. Robert
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And John also played guitar on Bowies cover of Across the Universe. Ringo and Maureen can be seen Backstage with Bowie on the D.A. Pennebaker Ziggy Stardust movie. May Pang was also breifly married to Bowies producer Tony Visconti, and on the night of Johns death, May stood at Bowies NY house to avoid the press. Bowie also covered Imagine after Johns death along with Love Me Do (with Jeff Beck, on the same Ziggy Stardust movie,althouhg Beck has not allowed his performance to be released) as well as Working Class Hero on his Tin Machine album and Georges Try Some Buy Some on his Reality album.
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Old Oct 24, 2006, 02:34 PM   #4
instant karla
Sgt. Pepper
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Join Date: Jun 18, 2006
Location: amherst, ny
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paul painted a portrait of bowie...does that count? also, wasn't bowie on george's "from beatles to self-realization"? i've only heard of this release, never heard it.
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Old Oct 24, 2006, 06:11 PM   #5
Dr. Robert
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Bowie and Stevens both came to celebrity in a world where the Beatles were omnipresent and the yardstick of critical success (commercially they were not really a yardstick, because they made almost everyone else look small). So even though I don't know of any personal connection between Stevens and any one of the Beatles, it isn't surprising to see a connection between the two artistically. And, as you say, they were also contemporaries.

From the little I have read, Cat Stevens was uneasy enough with his own fame, let alone the fame of people like the Beatles.

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