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Default Paul and Linda Play between act 1 &2 after the one where Paul invites her to London

Act- New York! New York!
ScŤne 1
(Paul and Linda are in bed. Linda reaches over and picks up the phone. She dials a number and it rings. Paul is holding her other hand.)
L: Hey Lillian, itís Linda.
Lillian: Oh, hi Linda
L: How have you been?
Lillian: Great, Heather has been fine too. Are you gonna fill me in on all the details of this little escapade?
L: Sure, start questioning.
Lillian: Do you love him?
L: Yeah
Lillian: Does he love you?
L: I think.
Lillian: What are you doing now?
L: Iím just lying in bed and talking to you.
Lillian: AndÖ?
L: And what?
Lillian: What else are you up to?
L: Nothing, heís just holding my hand.
Lillian: Oh. Iíll bet you wanna talk to Heather too.
L: That would be the reason I called.
Lillian: Ok here she is.
Lillian: (To Heather) Itís mommy
H: Hi mommy
L: Hi Heather
H: Where are you?
L: I told you, in London with Paul
H: Oh, whereís London?
L: Itís a far ways away. Across the ocean.
H: Will you come back?
L: Yeah, Iíll see you soon.
L: OK then, Iíll see you soon.
H: Bye, bye
L: Bye, I love you
(They hang up and Linda snuggles closer to Paul and has a sad tone in her voice.)
L: I feel so guilty about this. Sheís over there without me and sheís old enough to be very curious about where I am and what Iím doing. She wants to know where I am, who Iím with, why Iím here and I canít explain all that to her on the phone. Sheís too young.
P: Do you want to go out to get her?
L: Oh! Yes, I miss her so much!
P: Well tomorrow I have another session but we can leave on the 28th.
L: Really?
P: Of course, I want to meet this daughter of yours and I obviously canít compete with her for you. (Grins)
L: Paul!
ScŤne 2
(New York, rummage shop.)
L: Here Paul, put this on. (She hands him a large hat.)
P: (Heís sets it on his head and Linda giggles.) Looks bad, eh?
L: I take the fifth!
(Paul removes the hat and they continue to rummage.) (They end up as follows-
Linda- Glasses, bell-bottoms, a tight neon green shirt with frills on the bottom
Paul- Jeans, sandals, and a patchwork shirt
Then they leave.)
(They walk around NYC. Paul has his arm around Lindaís waist and she has her arm around his.) (They stop outside a place that has a sign in the window that says, ďCome in and have a Buddhist wedding!Ē.)
P: Do you fancy it?
L: No, not really.
P: ĎScuse me?
L: I just got unmarried.
P: Ok then.
(Kiss and they continue walking.)
ScŤne 3
(Lillianís apartment)
(Linda knocks on the door.)
L: Lil! Open up itís Linda and Paul!
H: (From inside) Mommy!!!
(Heather opens the door and jumps to Linda who picks her up and hugs her.)
(Lillian walks to the doorway.)
Lillian: Hey stranger.
L: So we meet again.
(They all go inside)
L: OK we donít have much time, our flight leaves soon.
Lillian: Right, Heatherís stuff is in the spare bedroom.
P: You should probably get that stuff packed up then.
H: Who are you? (Points to Paul)
L: Heather!
P: Itís alright
P: (To Heather) Iím Paul, remember? You wouldnít marry me so Iím gonna marry your mum instead.
Lillian: Is that true Linda?
L: No, Paul stop it!
P: Just a laugh honey.
L: Come on Heather; letís go get your stuff.
(Heather and Linda leave.)
Lillian: So youíre Beatle Paul?
P: Yeah but you can call me Paul.
Lillian: Ok, Paul, you love Linda?
P: With all my heart
Lillian: So this isnít one of those little flings that you rock stars have?
P: No, I truly love her. What are you getting at?
Lillian: Point taken, itís private.
(Linda and Heather enter with a suitcase.)
L: Well we should get going, we have a plane to catch. Thanks Lil.
Lillian: Youíre welcome.
P: Ok, then weíll talk to you later.
(Heather, Paul and Linda leave.)
ScŤne 4
(London, coming home to Paulís house. There is a large crowd even though it is around 8:30pm.)
H: Mommy! (She grabs Lindaís leg and Linda picks her up balancing Heather on her hip.)
L: Sshh, Itís ok baby. Itíll be alright.
P: Just keep going.
(They reach the door and go inside. Linda sets Linda down and Paul puts down the suitcases.)
L: Heather, why donít you come take a nap?
H: Iím not tired (She yawns)
L: Yes you are silly. Címon
(Linda takes Heather into a room where a kid bed is set up.)
L: In you go. (Heather crawls in the bed and Linda tucks her in. Heather falls asleep almost immediately.)
L: Gínight
(Linda walks out of the room and shuts the door behind her.)
P: Well baby, you ready to turn in?
L: Yeah (the two go down the hallway and into the bedroom.)

It Takes one to know one ~Linda McCartney
Listen to her daddy's song, making love is wrong~ Back Seat of My Car
Venus and Mars are alright tonight!!!
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