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Default McCartney - 1970

Label Apple
Catalogue No. PCS 7102
Release date 17th April 1970
Total time 34:14
U.K. Album Chart Detail : Entry Date : 2nd May 1970
Highest Position : 2
Weeks in Chart : 32


Paul's first solo album release.
This truly was a solo album as Paul wrote all the songs, played all the instruments, and sung most of the vocal parts with some assistance from Linda. He recorded and produced the album in the 4 months before the release date of April 1970.
This planned date proved to be upsetting to the other three Beatles as "Let It Be" was scheduled for April 1970, and Paul was asked to delay his release. He refused, and "Let It Be" was re-scheduled.
"McCartney" had 19,000 advance orders in the U.K. which meant it entered the L.P. chart in the top ten, and once people heard how good it was, it soon rose to number 2 the following week. It was kept off the top spot by the top-selling album of the year (also one of the all-time top selling albums) "Bridge Over Troubled Water" which was number one for 41 weeks, and charted for a total of 307 weeks !
This first solo release still performed very well for Paul worldwide, selling over two million copies.

Paul used three venues for his recording sessions, his home where he had just installed a new Studer 4-track recorder, Morgan Studios in Willesden, London and also in Abbey Road's No.2 studio ! ... When Paul had the Studer installed at home he didn't have a mixing desk nor even a VU meter ... he had to guess the recording levels !

The sleeve photography was by Linda with everybody's favourite picture of Paul on the rear. The same picture was also used on the cover of her 1976 book Linda's Pictures. Artwork and design were also assisted by the artist Gordon House and graphic designer Roger Huggett.

A D.J. promo edition of "McCartney" was sent out to the press before release, which included an extra question and answer sheet. The questions were prepared by Peter Brown at Apple, and it was on this sheet in his answer to question 28, that Paul dropped the bombshell, that he was no longer a part of the Beatles. This edition with the sheet is worth well over one hundred pounds nowadays.

Side 1

The Lovely Linda (McCartney)
The recording Paul first used to test his new home recording set-up. 0:43

That Would Be Something (McCartney)
Paul plays acoustic guitar, tom tom, cymbal and bass on this song he wrote in Scotland. 2:37

Valentine Day (McCartney)
Paul plays guitars (acoustic and electric), drums, and bass on this ad-libbed song. 1:40

Every Night (McCartney)
Paul plays acoustic guitar, drums and bass, on this song he wrote while on holiday in Greece. 2:29

Hot As Sun (McCartney)
Paul plays guitars, drums, organ, percussion, and bass.
He is quoted as saying he wrote this in the late 50's, but left this until 1970 to record at Morgan Studios. 1:28

Glasses (McCartney)
Paul manages to play multi-tracked "wine glasses" on this piece which includes one of those wonderful uncompleted pieces that Paul does so well. Called "Suicide", Paul recently has said he wrote this with Sinatra in mind ! 0:48

Junk (McCartney)
This track was first started with the Beatles in India, and completed in London during the "White Album" sessions as can be heard on Anthology 3.
This solo version was recorded by Paul at his home, using acoustic guitars and bass, with overdubs of percussion and xylophone at Morgan Studios. 1:53

Man We Was Lonely (McCartney)
Paul plays guitar, drum, and bass, with the steel guitar sound actually being a Telecaster being played with a drum peg. 2:55

Side 2

Oo You (McCartney)
Paul plays electric guitar, tambourine, cowbell and "Aerosol spray" ! ... on this tune recorded at Morgan Studios. 2:47

Momma Miss America (McCartney)
Paul plays guitars, piano and drums on another ad-libbed piece recorded at home. 4:03

Teddy Boy (McCartney)
Like "Junk" this is another track we are all familiar with as being started with the Beatles in India, and recorded during the "Let It Be" 1969 sessions ... as a multitude of bootlegs testify.
Paul completed this version at Morgan Studios playing guitar and bass. 2:22

Singalong Junk (McCartney)
This is the original take for "Junk" on which Paul plays guitar, piano and bass. He overdubbed more instruments plus a Mellotron at Morgan Studios. 2:34

Maybe I'm Amazed (McCartney)
The tour-de-force of the album recorded at Abbey Road, Paul plays guitars, piano and drums.
Although not released as a single, Paul made a promotional film for this track which was broadcast on ITV on 19th April 1970. Produced by David Putnam, it features still photographs of Paul, Linda and Heather.
Rod Stewart, another of my favourite artists (who I have seen many many times) recorded this, and made it part of his stage show, performing a great live version.

Kreen - Akrore (McCartney)
This final song was inspired by a T.V. production about a Brazilian native tribe. The first take included just the drum track. Paul added guitars, piano, organ and some heavy breathing. This was tracked at Morgan Studios where sound effects were added, including a bow and arrow sound.


"Because there wasn't any reason left to keep it all inside"
- Paul McCartney, 1982

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Default Re: McCartney - 1970

Thank you!

Then we will remember things we said today. Yeah.
-- Beatles, 1964

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Sun King
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Default Re: McCartney - 1970

Thanks for the info.


Song of the moment-Why Don't We Do It In The Road

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L'Angelo Misterioso
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Default Re: McCartney - 1970

Thanks Amal I love that album.

Past is gone, thou canst not that recall
Future is not, may not be at all
Present is, improve the flying hour
Present only is within thy power.
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Default Re: McCartney - 1970

Except for "Kreen-Akrore", I like this album very much... the "not-ended", "home-like" feel to it makes it amazing... the simplicity of tunes like "Junk" and "Every Night" contrasts with the magnificent, epic overdubs that were done with Beatles songs... and the simplicity works amazingly well in most cases... "Maybe I'm Amazed" showcases itself as the outstanding track, and the single that never was... until 1976, that is. It is very well-known anyway, because it's a hell of a song... my favorite of Paul, with sincere lyrics, a great vocal and a very simple musical structure.

This album is surely on my Top 5 Paul faves...

Thanks, Carola.

"Take my smile and my heart, they were yours from the start
The pieces to omit are mine" ~ George, 1987
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Default Re: McCartney - 1970

Good work, Amalthea. The masterpiece of this LP is surely "Maybe I'm Amazed".


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Dr. Robert
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Default Re: McCartney - 1970

Here's a did you know for ya! When McCartney had booked studio time for this LP he went by the pseudonym of " Billy Martin" as to not give the secretness of his recording away. Outside of Maybe I'm Amazed (which is probably one of his best ever songs) The songs I like real well are "Every Night" and "Oo You"

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Mr. Moonlight
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Default Re: McCartney - 1970

Thanks Amalthea! I love this album. I feel that it seems to have a bittersweet quality to it. Paul really was SOLO as he played and recorded all of the instruments himself, and I always think of how hard it must have been to release an album alone after being part of the world's best group. It must have been a pretty depressing time with all the difficulties between him and the others. I love the song "Junk" because it seems to refect that sad, sentimental feeling of something lost. However, it is so sweet to think that he had Linda, Heather and Mary out on the farm, and that family was what he needed to be happy. I think "Man We Was Lonely" sort of sums up my feelings of the entire album - that it was a hard time, but because they had each other, they were "fine all the while." I don't know if this analogy makes much sense because I'm pretty tired!

"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see..."
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