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Dr. Robert
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Default Beatles Web Site Owners!! Wanna Make Money?

I got this in my mail. I thought it was interesting.


I recently came across your John Lennon / Beatles web site and wanted to compliment you on a great job. It's dedicated fans like you that have made the Internet a great place for us to come together and show our support for the most incredible musical act of all times. I would like to invite you to be a part of an exciting web site that I'm working on myself...and let you know how you can make some extra money for yourself!

We've chosen your site to be a part of this very special John Lennon lithograph program, I'm sure you'll be as interested as I am in the possibilities...

My company,, is building a really great Album Art web site where Beatles fans can find incredible, limited edition John Lennon lithographs from "Walls and Bridges", "Imagine", "Double "Fantasy", and "Rock N' Roll". These world renown prints are available screen signed by John Lennon or actually hand signed by Yoko Ono and can be shipped framed or unframed!
View "Walls & Bridges" at:
View "Imagine" at:
View "Double Fantasy" at:
View "Rock N' Roll" at:

Not only does the site offer these incredible John Lennon lithographs, but you'll also find a variety of masterpieces from other music icons created from the most influential records of our time.

You probably have a lot of John Lennon fans that share your interest in the legendary musician and frequently visit your web site. You can easily increase the appeal of your site to these visitors by providing them with the opportunity to access and purchase these unique Album Art lithographs every time they visit your site...

By simply posting an link on your web site, you'll earn a 10% commission on any merchandise that visitors coming through your page spend at the store. You can easily earn $20-$30 from just one person clicking on your link and buying one item at! Go to and click on Affiliates Program for more details and simple instructions on how to put up an banner on your site and start earning $$$ today!

In other words, if you take about 5 minutes to set up one of our banners or text-links on your site, your visitors will get a chance to buy exciting, limited edition lithographs screen signed by John Lennon or autographed by Yoko Ono and you'll make some extra money every time someone buys something through the link on your site. It's great! Your traffic can increase dramatically, your visitors appreciate the added service, and you could possibly make a bunch of extra cash! You can easily set it all up right now by going to and clicking on "Affiliates Program".

***If you have an emailing list with other John Lennon / Beatles fans on it, make sure you let me know when you reply to this email...I can set up a special message for you to send to your list that can really earn you some serious cash. I am working with a couple of webmasters right now that have made over $2000 by simply emailing a special Album Art offer to their mailing lists!

E-mail me at or feel free to call me (877) 6-WORLDS if you need help getting set up. I'll answer any questions you may have and make it very easy for you to get your site involved.

Hope to hear from you soon as possible.


Clay Ellis

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