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Default Let It Rock Around The World - George Harrison

Rock Around The World - George Harrison
Yellow Cat YC 072/73
Released in 2002

This is not a bootleg you will buy to get new outakes, but George hasn't given many interviews or done many shows and on this double cd there are two radio shows, one on each cd. Music still plays an important role on this disc.

The first one features the Rock around The World show with Alan Freeman.Recorded October 18th 1974, the broadcast was on October the 5th 1975. Parts of it are already known but here the whole interview, with George playing on acoustic guitar is between the talk, is included completely.
George talks about his early musical influences,Krishna, Ravi and his place in the Beatles, comenting on how he felt more like an observer and John and Paul were the stars.
As said parts of the interview is already known. I've heard for example the part that George felt that Paul McCartney had ruined him as a guitar player. but the bit I haven't heard and I thought was intersting is that George said that he heard Henry McCullough felt the same way after he left Wings, saying "I don't know wheter I am a good guitar player or not". For George it was Ravi and Eric Clapton who brought back George's confidence as a guitar player. The bit of the interview where George says that Eric bought him a new guitar was also already known to me.
This show is a good edition for every Harrison fan, at least I am glad I have it. Even tho parts of it were already known it's good to have the show in full. Also the acoustic guitar renditions of "Dark Horse" "Awaiting On You All" "Far East man" and "I Don't Care Anymore" are known but here they all are together where they belong.Thankfully all the ads has been removed which makes it more enjoyable to hear.

What's more to say, the important thing is the interview but I just thought to mention that the U.S. version of Help! with the bond intro is being played during the show and is also on this cd, tho again this is not the cd you will buy to get rarities.

The second cd features the Let It Rock radio show with Joe Brown for BBC radio 2. It was recorded on July the 1st. 1999 and the broadcast was July the 5th. 1999.
George talks about his early mucical influences and througout the show George's favourite Rock "N" Roll tracks are played. So if you enjoy the clasic Rock "N" Roll songs such as songs by Elvis Presley, Jerry Lee Lewis and Carl Perkins this show is a great listen. On both this program and 25 years earlier on the Alan Freeman show, George mentiones that one of the first times he heard Rock "N" Roll was when he was very young, driving his bike through a street and out of an open window he heard "Heartbreak Hotel" by Elvis.The to Beatles fans well known song "Some Other Guy" is also included but the Richie Barret's version. Joe Brown wanted to play the Beatles version but George interuped saying "Don't play our version, ours is horrible. And I must say I do prefer Barret's version. No Beatles songs or solo songs by George were played just mainly early songs George liked.

There is one surprise for the McCartney fans.When Paul heard that the show would be the final in a series he gave an outtake of the song "I got stung" to Joe Brown. The album "Run Devil Run" were the song would be included hadn't been released yet, and the version Paul gave was an early take. This was played at the end of the show and is also included on this cd. A nice bonus song. Again thankfully all the ads has been edited out but the total time of the second cd is just 37:44, maybe they could have included some more interviews.

Not something you listen to often, but I find the interviews intersting and this is a great bootleg for the Harrison fans.

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