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Originally Posted by hibgal View Post
Warhol was shrewed. He knew exactly how the market worked. The whole popart bit was a big joke played on all these art "experts" that want to "educate" the public. Seen some of the interviews he's given at his showings? He can hardly keep a straight face and who can blame him? He collected old masters himself, you know.

Great art has an intrinsic value that has nothing to do with money placements. There's nothing intrinsic with a can of soup, except for the fools that pay big bucks for a painting of one.

He WAS a lunatic, Raul! That's so obvious in his art. You can trace it from painting to painting, the progression of his mental illness. Personally, I can't stand looking at his disturbed mind disintegrating. It's too painful.
That Van gogh was a lunatic should be teached at kindergarten. Of course he was. Who doesn't know that, can just as well go commit him self as well.
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