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Originally Posted by beatlebangs1964 View Post
Bigotry makes me really

The new racist term is "anchor baby," a derogatory term applied to babies born in America to immigrant parents. As reporter Jose A. Vargas said on the news 8/23/15, why not just say "baby" or "American citizen?" Another point he made was that many bigots and the generally uninformed use "Mexican" and "illegals" interchangeably. I got a lot of relatives in California who could get into raising Cain over THAT racist assumption! That kind of thing really bothers me.

We all LEARN a lot from people who come from different backgrounds. It' called cultural sharing. Everyone learns from people who have vastly different life experiences. It is an ADVANTAGE to have people coming to the U.S. from all over the world. One cannot make assumptions about people they don't know.
As for Jose A. Vargas, I like his style.
BB, I am stunned over what the Republican party has been trotting out as possible nominees. Donald Trump?? They can't be serious! And he's ahead in the polls??

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