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Default Favorite George line from each Beatles movie

A hard days's night

"... she’s a drag, a well-known drag. You turn the sound down on her and say rude things"

Especially the second part, my brother and I used to do that when watching certain t.v. shows and movies

Help !

(when the cage drops on the other fabs): "... well I'm off !"

(I also love Paul's instant response, "... typical")

I know, not much of a line, by I love how (and why) he says it

Magical Mystery Tour

... ha, you know, I first saw that movie in 1980's and have long owned, and semi-often watched, a copy of it.... and never realised, until just no, that he basically has no lines what so ever throughout the whole movie (does he ? !

... other than his "... thank you", when John hands him the balloon

Yellow Submarine (yes, I know, none of them voice themselves in it... save right at then end)

"... shh, I can heard my beard growing"

Let it be

Of course, it had to be "I'll play, you know, whatever you want me to play. Or I won't play at all if you don't want me to play, you know. Whatever it is that'll please you, I'll do it"
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