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Default Re: The Beatles--Take 1

Originally Posted By Jerry:
Sounds like a cool idea, although I'm not sure why you would want to include any released versions. Maybe stereo mixes of any take 1's from the first four LPs, and mono mixes of any take 1's from anything after that, just a suggestion. Most people don't have those on CD. I assume I have all of these tracks on CD somewhere in my collection, so let me know if you need any help compiling your list. Good luck.
<font size="2" face="Tahoma, Arial, sans-serif">thanks so much for your offer, Jerry. you're right...we should not used the popular released versions.

since this is all my fault [img]images/icons/wink.gif[/img] , i'm willing to be the contact person. so... EMAIL ME BY SUNDAY MIDNIGHT CENTRAL USA TIME JUNE 15TH TO BE INCLUDED IN THIS PROJECT. just use the email link below. and please include "the beatles take 1" in the subject line.

joel--that'd be great if you could come up with a cover design. and yes, someone think of a title!

do we have an offcial tracklisting yet? this may be a 2-disc set! further, maybe let's only include songs that actualy ended up on offcial releases (no "12 bar orginal," or "can you take me back"). let me know what you all think...

paranoiac: on your list, when you have a song listed as "released version," do you mean that the version on the album was recorded live, in one take? or just the basic track? i find it difficult to believe that "another girl" was recorded live. we don't want anything that appears on an EMI/Apple release.

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