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Default Re: The Beatles--Take 1

You're right, the various speech bits don't really belong there, I just included them basically for sake of completeness. Some were slated takes (Australia, Christmas) and some weren't (Think For Yourself speech).

Here's a rundown of the sources/outtakes for "I'm So Tired"
Anthology 3: edit of takes 3/6/9
Control Room Monitor Mixes: isolated tracks 7 and 8 of the multi-track tape and other various mixes, all from take 14 (the released take)

The "I'm So Tired" tracks on Control Room Monitor Mixes all suffer speed-variation problems as you mentioned, and the "takes" you have labelled may in fact be the various "mixing" attempts, or some new remixes created with the availability of these tracks.

By eliminated the readily-available album tracks, demo takes and speech, the collection could probably fit on a single disc. Then, there's the whole issue of selecting a particular mix for these outtakes, but as a general rule, it might be best to stay away from the Anthology tracks whenever possible (as they were frequently subjected to additional editing/remixing). All of them should be easy to find on CD [img]graemlins/cool2.gif[/img] , with the probable exception of Golden Slumbers; for that you'll need the Anthology DVD set.
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