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Originally Posted by IWantToTellYou View Post
Since when is a marriage strictly religious?

In France, you must have a civil ceremony before you have a religious one. I got married at the City Hall in my town, as do every single other person wanting to get married in France. It is the couple's choice whether or not they want to have a relgious ceremony. I for one am not religious, so I didn't bother having a second ceremony in a church.

Going back on topic...
Okay, in the UK most "traditional" ceremonies are carried out in Church whether the people partaking are religious or not! Then again if you're divorced you're not allowed to marry in church so I suppose that hinders a lot of couples plans of marrying in a traditional sense. I find that a little sad considering you may still hold your faith but you made a mistake with a previous relationship. I didn't say it was strictly religious, it just seems to be symbolic (again, in the traditional sense) that in the eyes of God you are joined in matromony for the rest of your life. As I am not religious if I were to get married it'd be to show my family I loved my boyfriend - and I can easily do that without spending thousands of pounds!

From a legal viewpoint as I stated earlier, I don't feel an obligation to marry as I don't want children. Now if I were planning to have kids i'd want to have the same surname as my children AND i'd also want the father to be able to take the kids to the doctors without prior consent from the mum!

So I think marriage IS a great thing, just not for me. Live and let live whatever the viewpoint! I'm not a non-commital person, i've just chosen not to opt for marriage.
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