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Default Re: Jagger\'s Daughter Dumps Sean Lennon

OK, I was looking around on google news and I found out that this whole "Sean and Lizzie" breakup story is actually not true.

Lizzie Jagger was there at the show with Sean a few days ago, and there's a pic of her talking with Sean. Apparantly they were together backstage and everything...

But, you never know...I mean check out this story for all those who thought Sean and BIJOU were through...


May 18, 2004 -- "WHILE Bijou (daughter of John and Michelle) Phillips still seems to be Sean (son of John) Lennon's Left Coast girlfriend - they were at the Spider Club together earlier this month - Elizabeth (daughter of Mick) Jagger is his New York woman. The couple arrived at Da Silvano the other day at 11:29 p.m. - one minute before the kitchen would close. Celeb-watchers also saw stunning Nicole Kidman dine with friends inside, and then walk past the gawking al fresco diners and join Sean Penn at his table outside."

Or maybe, with Sean, you just never know...I mean, he did perform at the show, after all, with his original ex Yuka, right? Keeping them all together. Must be a special guy.
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