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Default Re: Jagger\'s Daughter Dumps Sean Lennon

Sean, Sean, Sean...

My fave Rolling Stones member is Keith Richards. His daughters look like twits. They're models too. Gee what a unique profession. Well anyway, they look like twits.

"Before you cross the street, take my is what happens to you while your busy making other plans..."

Aw, who cares? As long as he's not dating the Olsen Twins or Hillary Fluff or one of those Hilton parasites, he's fine by me. Cuz he is a playboy.

My newest ambition? To meet and convert with Sean. I'll try and talk him into finding some intellectually stimulating chicks as opposed to the bimbo flakes he seems to like. Like he'll listen to me.

Anyhoo...he's probably dating one of Sting's daughters now.
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