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Default The Cut interview

I read her controversial interview, she really did not mince words. I recall seeing on a either Access Hollywood or Inside Edition, a clip where Yoko asked Paul why did he hate her and John ages ago. Paul did not say anything, just hugged her. I was a child then, but heard countless times , about the bad blood and hurt feelings regarding all that. That is great the musicians made peace. Hopefully wounds will heal and there will be peace again with the Windsors! Although a peaceful existence seems to be an enigma with that family. Did John and Yoko leave Britain due to all the hostility towards her?

The Windsors are the creme de la creme of royal hot mess families. I mean that in a humorous way.
I wonder what the reaction will be if a member someday marries a person of Jewish, Islamic, or another ethnic group such as Asian, Hispanic, etc. I read about the sad story of Charlie's late cousin William, yes his son was named after him, who died at 30 in a plane crash in the 70's. He was involved with an ex Hungarian Jewish divorced model named Zusu. She was also 8 years older. Naturally the palace went nay nay! It never ends does it?!

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