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my work is likely going to do a 2 week strike. (im a house keeper at a nursing home) at least if we do i'll still get paid 80% of my normal py via the union as long as i picket. It would also give me time to catch up on personal house keeping around the apartment. I highly enjoyed the 24 hour picket. The one union rep told me that eventhough its my first union job i did a great job.

My husband and i are looking to move out of our small apartment, preferably a house. we'll each have an area/ room for our hobbies. As despite our love we still have introvert tendencies. my room i have dubbed my "hippy lair" which I have it mentaly planned out in my head. Id have taprasties on my walls which trinkets and such pinned to those. An L desk is preferable so id have room to draw/write as well as my computer. I love to have a youtube video as background nose while on my type writter.Id spend my days off here.

my husbands area would be his work shop (he makes blades. bows and the such) look him on FB Over the Edge Blades.

we recently adopted a kitten from one of my co workers named him Hobbs and he bats at our older cat's tail as it swishes.
I long haired guys

there's nothing like an afternoon of drinking homemade butter milk and listing to old music.

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