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Default An open journal by me

With this site being dead and over run with spam, i suppose it wouldn't hurt if i did this. An open journal of sorts a place for me to write down my thoughts likely to be lost. Others can view it and comment if they wish but that's unlikely. reflecting into the void of sorts

i wonder how many of the members i considered "friends" still occasionally lurk here, primarily Apple Scruff and Snoopy66.

apon much thought and talks with my husband i have decided its best if I cut ties with my mom, i still wish to keep contact with my dad. I'll write a letter with my reasons and send it to her this November (around my birthday)

in the past year and a half or so I've realized I'm gender fluid though I'm not picky on pronouns.

I've decided to try adult speech therapy, im 25 and still have trouble with my Rs I get self conscious about it. That and in the past both a teacher's aid and my mom yelled at me to "learn how to speak" another reason for the above mentioned cutting ties.

I still wish to be a writer though I've stepped away from fan fiction. i have pieces of different ideas... fragments. plot points, some world building, characters with back stories but with no names. Yet i cannot settle on an over arching storyline. Perhaps doing some writing exercises would help get ideas flowing. This open journal might help as well. i used to journal A LOT when I was in middle/ high school (I admit at times when I was supposed to be doing work)

I'll update this from time to time
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