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Default Friar Park: A Pictorial History

Here are some photos from the book "Friar Park: A Pictorial History." These are being shared with permission from the publisher and authors.

East side of House.

View of House from Lake

Don't Keep off the Grass.

Colorized illustration of engraving of Friar carved into facade of House.

Goblin Friar engraving on South side facade.

Friar Park's Dining Room circa 1919.

Sketch done prior to construction.

A Glimpse of the rarely seen West side of House.

Man walking on stepping stones (colorized).

Location of the Japanese Garden (select colorization).

Illustration of the ideator of Friar Park. Sir Frank Crisp.

Sir Percival David (on the right)
This is the gentleman who purchased Friar Park following Sir Frank Crisp's death in 1919.

Topiary Garden.

The North side of the House with the Topiary in the foreground.

The North side of the House with the Rockery in the foreground.

The Gnome Cave located beneath the Alpine Garden.

Alpine Garden leading to the miniature version of the Matterhorn that Sir Frank Crisp had constructed to the North of the House.

Alpine Garden with view of torrents and miniature "Matterhorn."

Pool of water in Rockery

Rarely seen photo of the Matterhorn under construction. This is the only colorized image in existence.

Engraving of a scene referring to "Bell, Book & Candle" located on the South side facade.

Illustration of the engraving of the "Blondin' Friar" that is carved above the door on the Middle Lodge at Friar Park. Read the book for more info and images of the Middle Lodge.

Front cover of "Friar Park: A Pictorial History."

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