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Default Beware! Mono Masters from China on eBay

I feel so stupid right now!

I bought the Mono Box on a portuguese auctions site, similar to eBay, for the spectacular (so I thought) price of 49 euros (around 65 dolars) + p.p.

I started suspecting something was not right, when after paying, the seller contacted me saying that the box would take 2 or 3 weeks to arrive, because it was coming from China (wich was not stated on the item description)...

Unfortunately, my suspictions were right: although everything in the package, from the box to the booklets, and even the printing on the CD's are from the mono versions, what really matters, that is, the songs, are the stereo ones.

Of course Help! and Rubber Soul only have 14 songs, the songs on the 2nd CD of Mono Masters don't match the tracklisting... I have a bunch of repeated CD's on a beautiful package...

Beware of these Mono Masters auctions, if they seem to good to be true!

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