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Originally Posted by Apple Scruff View Post
A horrible, nasty new book on John. I want to discuss this soooo bad! but where is everyone?

Saw this article and immediately thought how sad it is that people have to resort to fabrication and exaggerated stories for profit. John wasn't a saint or a monster, just a man. And he was, in SO many ways, a truly good man who tried his best in this world. WHY has the popular thing re: John become bashing him so much these days?
Hi Scruffie
To be honest, I wasn't that angry when I read the article, as I read that kind of bullsh**about hundred times before; there is so lack of "news" in it and so full of "clichés". I guess, I just got immunized against it over the years, so I just smile about. Actually, I had a big laugh, especially concerning the fur cuts in a freezen room

Still, it's sad when young people or new fans of John read such articles. Like most of us, I get VERY tired of reading the same sentences again and again, like "John wasn't a saint", just because his most famous song is about peace. Maybe Sean should react harder against such articles, but I guess it's just not worth to bother about, don't you think so ?

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