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That's the tough part about having a Beatles' collection if you're really trying to be a completist (if that's even possible). I have hundreds of albums and singles, and EPs from different countries, released at different times, etc., etc. There are so many mixes and remixes, and some are exclusive to different formats, aargh! It can drive you nuts... Then you also have to beware of "new" things that pop up on recent bootlegs because with the software that is out there, there are 'outfakes' galore that are bogus. There is probably a book out there (imagine that, a book about the Beatles), that has every song released but with special notation as to every type of mono/stereo mix and the various anomalies on different formats, countries, and all that kind of stuff... There are some people, God bless 'em, that have an encyclopedic knowledge of these releases, and some of them reside, or at least used to, reside here.
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