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Sometimes he has been abominably rude to me. I remember once attending a recording session at E.M.I. studios in St John’s Wood. The Beatles were on the studio floor and I was with their recording manager George Martin in the control room. The intercom was on and I remarked that there was some sort of flaw in Paul’s voice in the number ‘Till There Was You’.

John heard it and bellowed back: ‘We’ll make the record. You just go on counting your percentages.’ And he meant it. I was terribly annoyed and hurt because it was in front of all the recording staff and the rest of the Beatles. We all looked at one another and felt uncomfortable and John turned away, indicating that there was no apology coming. I left the studios in a sort of sullen rage.

Later we had it out, but he told me quite emphatically that it was not cruelly intended and only meant in fun. He is a full and generous person and I cannot think of anyone I admire or like better.

— Brian Epstein, A Cellarful of Noise. (1964)
"Let me live in you..." ~ John Lennon

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