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Smile It's Johnny's Birthday!! (let's spam this thread up!)

Let's celebrate John this month! I can't believe he would have been 74 years old...I remember Yoko wrote that gorgeous introduction for the Lennon Anthology and, to paraphrase, she said John was basically old for his years. So even though I can't believe that he would have been 74, I can definitely imagine (see what I did there) a 74 year-old John. He would have been awesome.

Some people get really emotional when thinking about John this month and the next couple...understandably. But I agree with Yoko and many others: John should be remembered for all the incredible things he gave us. So many beautiful, positive, and really priceless gems- of music, words, laughter, etc.

The thing that always amazes me about John is that I can never really get bored with him. I honestly can't name another artist that I can say that about. He never bores me. There was just too much going on with him, and he lived such a fascinating and controversial life. That aspect of him is probably why he is that icon he remains.

So anyways...I started this thread for the yearly spam of things by fans from all over the world...just, you know, showing the love for this singular artist. Love you John. You really were something else.
"Let me live in you..." ~ John Lennon
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