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Originally Posted by Maia 66 View Post
Scruffie, your birthday is one of the coolest things EVER! Here you are this massive John fan and you were born on his last birthday... blows my mind!

1980 John makes me pretty wistful too, but I still think it was a cool year.

Have you seen the screen shots of the August 1980 video? Looks like we may get lucky and see it released!
Oh my gawd!!!! I want that footage. You got me so excited Maia.

I love any John. I adore 1980 John soooo much and I always think about the great things that happened to/for/from him in that year. Of course I can't ever forget that day- who can- but I don't dwell only on that. I try to think about ALL the plethora of beauty and joy he left us in that year alone.
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