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Default Re: Stories about George

This is a nice George story....I have to use a link, cuz it says it is copyrighted.

It is on the ISKCON In Memoriam page for Sriman George. Sriman is a very high title, great respect. The article of particular interest is called "A Story About George and Srila Prabhupad" by Nanda Kumar Das.

There are a couple words here people may have questions on...
dandavats~ this means literally, "to fall like a stick". It is a gesture a devotee uses to show respect to Lord Krishna or a Guru/saintly person by lying flat on the ground.

Asana~ is a seat or sitting place, as it is used in this article

From the article, it sounds like George got his hair cut after ATMP era specifically to see Srila Prabhupad! This shows a different (ISKCON) approach than George's SRF/Yogananda involement, which is interesting. At SRF long hair is worn by the Guru's (for the most part) for yogic reasons.

"Still Krishna after all these years" ~ George
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