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Default Stories about George

Story No. 1:
George always loved this candy called jelly babies, and John wrote this note to himself about how much George loved them. Apparently, some news reporter found the note and put it in his news column. At the Beatles' next concert, from then on, girls were throwing jelly babies at George. It was a horror because it would always plunk a bad note off his guitar. To make things worse, they were on a circular stage, so it was coming at them from ALL SIDES!

After a concert one time, John, Paul, and Ringo managed to get in the car before they were trampled down by all the fans. George was hiding in the bathroom, when a friend of his came in. George told him about the situation, and the friend got their driver to strip down to the waist. He gave the clothes to George, who put them on, and went out to the car, and everyone saw him, but nobody guessed it was him. The other Beatles howled with laughter when they saw him, because George was so skinny and scrawny, and the driver's uniform was so big.

When George fell in love with Pattie, they wanted to keep it a secret, but somehow, the press found out. At that time, John was married to Cynthia. The press was waiting downstairs in the hotel lobby. As soon as John and George came down, the reporters started bombing them with questions and taking pictures. "Where are the ladies?" "Come on, John, just one picture with them. We've come a hell of a long way."
"Well so have we!" screamed John. "You've had your f***ing party, now we're getting the f*** out of here!" And with that, John grabbed George's wrist, and together, they belted their way throughout the crowd.
Meanwhile, upstairs, Cynthia and Pattie were disguised as two cleaning maids. They took a cab to the airport where John and George were waiting impatiently. They howled with laughter when they saw them.
As they made their way to the plane, more people were waiting for them. "I guess our secret is out," said George. "Model Pattie Boyd and Beatle George Harrison have become a very nice couple!"

One time George, Pattie, Cynthia, and John were over at their friend's house, who was a dentist. John and George both took LSD, and when they got in the car to go home, the dentist said, "I wouldn't reccommend it after taking LSD."
"We'll be fine," said George. The dentist, however, wasn't convinced. He hailed a cab after them. When George realized they were being followed, he started driving at a breakneck speed, so it was almost like some kind of car chase.

George never liked being famous.

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