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Default Re: Heather Mills a liar and a cheat!.

As people have already said, just because Heather has had a clouded past, that doesn't mean that she is a terrible woman now. People seem to forget that she has been through a life altering experience since then - she lost a limb. That is certainly enough to make a person re-evaluate their life and make a few changes. What has Heather done since losing her leg? She has worked tirelessly for others who have lost limbs. She has fought for better prosthetic (sp) limbs to be made available, she has campaigned to clear landmines, and she has put accross a positive image for others in her situation - that if you have lost a limb you can still have a full life and look good.

I had heard of Heather before she even met Paul. She wasn't hugely famous, but many people knew who she was in England. Back then the press portrayed her as a brave and heroic woman who had been through a traumatic experience and fought back to help others. Nobody disputed this then and all these 'friends' didn't say a word. Since she met Paul, however, she has been portrayed as a one-legged freak whose sole intention is to get her hands on Paul's money.

At the end of the day, Paul knows Heather, we don't. Paul is no idiot, and has always proved himself to be a shrewd businessman. I find it difficult to believe that he would let himself be taken for a ride.
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