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Default Re: Heather Mills a liar and a cheat!.

Originally Posted By walrusegg:

She is supposed to be a gold digger, yet she backs out of marriage to three guys who seem like they would have alot of money. that's a bit contradictory.

I saw Heather on Larry King- she says she had a wild weird life, homeless, she said she stole, she did alot of things. And I don't know how much of a sexual siren she could present herself as since she has lost a leg and that is usually a turn off for most men. It looks more like jealousy on these people's parts. Perhaps she no longer speaks to them, for good reason.

ALSO, Paul McCartney is NOT DUMB. He's too much of a penny pincher! Ha- that's a joke. I can't fathom him being taken in by some gold digger. Paul would not have married Heather if they had not connected on a very deep level. He seems happy with her. Yes, she's a wild card, yes, it seems like she and the kids don't get along, but Paul sees something in her that others don't, and isn't his the most important opinion.

I've noticed some Beatle fans seem to HATE HEATHER even more than they hated Yoko Ono. It's too late to stop this marriage, it's too late to stop Paul from falling in love with her, so I wish people would just leave her alone and let the Paul and Heather chips fall where they may.
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I completely agree.

Your analogy about Paul's history is the most intelligent thing in allt these Heather discussions I've heard, VERY WELL SAID!

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