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Default Re: Heather Mills a liar and a cheat!.

Originally Posted By walrusegg:
Also, everything is subjective- let's turn the tables and say the Beatle bottomed out after Revolver and were forgotten and Mills was the rich and beloved one- what might people say about Paul.

McCartney in the sixties went from town to town in his band having sex with groupies who appeared at his door. Shallow and a sexaholic, he only went for the pretty ones with blonde hair. McCartney, a self-confessed drug addict who was constantly on cocaine and LSD throughout the sixties and who has been busted more than once because of his terrible drug problems, spending time in jail in Japan because of his indulgences. His very best friends have turned on him and he's such a terrible person he constantly was sueing them for money while leaving his kids to live without. Who is this fiend who has hooked up with our beloved Heather Mills?

Of course that's not how Paul really is, now is it? But certainly people could interpret him as such. It's all subjective.
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