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Default Re: McCartney - 1970

Thanks Amalthea! I love this album. I feel that it seems to have a bittersweet quality to it. Paul really was SOLO as he played and recorded all of the instruments himself, and I always think of how hard it must have been to release an album alone after being part of the world's best group. It must have been a pretty depressing time with all the difficulties between him and the others. I love the song "Junk" because it seems to refect that sad, sentimental feeling of something lost. However, it is so sweet to think that he had Linda, Heather and Mary out on the farm, and that family was what he needed to be happy. I think "Man We Was Lonely" sort of sums up my feelings of the entire album - that it was a hard time, but because they had each other, they were "fine all the while." I don't know if this analogy makes much sense because I'm pretty tired!

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