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Hello there! I am D'jinni and I am new to this forum. I have loved The Beatles since I was very, very young (around age 2), my parents were lucky enough to be at the last Beatles concert at Candlestick Park and my mom was lucky enough to have met John Lennon. What else? I am a mother of 3, and my youngest child is an unabashed Beatlemaniac. She is a Paul fan all the way. I am a John fan, but I adore all of the lads and find them to be talented, charismatic and handsome.
I have read a million books about The Beatles, and heard every song, outtake, bootleg, etc., I am a Beatle geek, as it were.
That's about it.
Here is what I look like, for anyone who is interested.

Oh, in addition to being a Beatles fan, I am an artist and dj, I write poetry and I sew. I live on the west coast, by the beach, I have a great job and I am married to the original bass player for Linkin Park (Kyle Christner, misspelled Christener on most Linkin Park sites...grrrr).

Hello all!
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