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Originally Posted by Jerry View Post
I think Concert For NY version is much slower than the single version, without Clapton, and it's longer too.

After they do Let It Be, they all do Freedom again. Clapton is on that version, but again, it's just totally different than the version on Driving Rain.

What I'd like to hear is the true single version of Freedom, released by itself as a CD single. Anybody got it?
I am probably in the minority here, but I never liked "Freedom." I appreciate the fact that Paul's heart was in the right place. I really don't care for the song and think it is not at all commensurate with Paul's vast talent.

I've said all along that I think "Freedom" is the equivalent of an Honors student turning in F work. I also think "Freedom" is equivalent to an Honors student hastily dashing off poor work after midnight on the day the assignment is due.
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