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Originally Posted by ABCKO View Post
And why not the covers ?

"Love is strange", for one, even if no info on Paul's recording of it, they could have listed the history of the song (and other covers), who wrote and first recorded it ect...
The main reason is well explained in the intro. Paul McCartney is a composer of popular music (and more recently, also classical) and thiI wanted to focus on his working method: from composing to recording to arranging his songs.
He will be remembered in the history of music for his compositions. Certainly through he years, he did cover a massive number of songs, as well, but I made a choice, that's all.
I made an effort also trying to give a glimpse through Paul's classical works, with two of the most prestigious interviews I've done (Carl Davis and Carlos Bonell).
There's ton of info and anecdotes in the book to be enjoyed. :)

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