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Not me, I was all about sit down, be quiet and listen to these amazing guys but I was in the middle of all the chaos, way back in the back, like the fans demos back there were seen?
Kattatude, your Mom sounds like a great woman, what a daunting task to raise 9 children, my hat is off to her!
We still sing when we get together as family, one of my sisters plays guitar, so she is always ready to get us all singing, most of my family lives up east/coast, I am in the midwest with one sister close by, boy do I still miss all my family, my Dad loved sitting back and hearing all his girls gab and sing, sadly he has been gone almost 5 years, my Mom turns 88 next month! My parents raised 7 of us, all my siblings are still here and healthy, are your's?
"the love you take, is equal to the love you make"

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