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beatlelover45223, I was only joking when I said "mean mommy" My dad died when I was a baby, and since there were 9 of us kids, my mom was pretty busy just trying to get us raised. Not a lot of extra money lying around for a long trip to see The Beatles! I was lucky that my older brother was a fan, and he had all their early albums. I can remember listening to those almost daily. My mom loved music, too, but her tastes ran more to country and bluegrass. She will be 87 in December, and if she hears a Beatles song, she knows who it is. She played guitar by ear and there were many evenings spent with us sitting around on the porch, with a neighbor or two, singing. Nice memories. I love to sing, but no one loves to hear me unless they need a laugh! That didn't stop me, though. I sang at the top of my lungs with every song I liked. LOL!

Were you one of the fangirls who screamed, cried and pulled your hair? I love watching footage of the hysteria surrounding The Beatles. They were truly amazing!
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