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Learning How to Sing Higher

When you're learning how to sing it seems to be most peoples' ambition to increase their range right from the start. There are tools out there to help enable a person to do that but it doesn't really come easily in most cases. It takes lots of hard work and practice and dedication.

There are vocal lessons out there that claim to be able to increase a persons' range in the first hour of using the technique found within the lesson. To be honest I was (like you may be) a little skeptical because I had been singing for a fairly long time already and I pretty much knew that you could increase your range but it was not something that would be accomplished in an hour or so, but rather over the course of weeks or months and with regular practice.

On the other hand I also knew that there is a physiological "thing" that goes on in your body that tends to limit what you can do vocally. One of the keys to being able to sing higher is to know how to break through these barriers

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