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Default A fine collection of oldies but goldies

Hi, I came across this thread by chance, very interesting actually!

I love all kinds of music, as long as it's good, and therefore I'm a huge fan of McCarney's... and loving all kinds of music, I try to keep my mind and ears open and learn as much as possible about different styles and their history and evolution, be it jazz, rock, soul, blues...
So it's startling to read that so many people have never heard of these songs, most of whom are established classics and true standards in the american songbook!...

I appreciate artists who try and do something different, instead of endlessly repeating themselves, and so I was very curious about this project. And I'm glad McCartney had a go at it, instead of putting out the mpteenth impersonation of himself as a 20-year-old kid, or releasing just another variation in the vein of “she was just seventeen” (now that he's well into his 70s...) as some people would like him to do.

So in my opinion this album is quite good, impeccably accompanied by the great Diana Krall and other wonderful musicians, and PM sings his way across the songs with his usual charm, even if the voice does reveal some strain of age occasionally.

As much as I appreciate this album, I can't help but reminding that the definitive “american-standards-album-by-a-rockstar” was done a long time ago... and no, it's not Rod Stewart... it's the late great Harry Nilsson (with his unbelievably good “A Little Touch of Schmilsson in the Night”), who incidentally was highly regarded, and befriended, by both Lennon and McCartney.

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