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Originally Posted by Legs View Post
I disagree about this being a pointless release.Sure it's not what we expected from someone like Paul, certainly not what I was looking forward to, but turns out that I and many other fans like the album.

Paul had this project in mind for a longtime, and why shouldn't he have done this? From what I read the reactions seems mostly positive.Ofcourse not everyone is charmed by it, but pointless I don't think so.
Depends on what point Paul's trying to make, isn't it? If he simply wanted to beat a little on the drum for the music of an earlier era then he does that. If he wanted to make his 'own' versions of this old swing ballads, well, not so much. It's a pretty inoffensive album with pleasant versions of songs we rarely hear today, that's all. I like it for what it is but if somebody expects the usual rocky Paul, he will be disappointed. It's all smooth and not at all a rocky anything.

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