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I have one of the books...I am not sure where it falls in the series. I can't remember where I ordered it, but trust me, it was NOWHERE near $300.00. I don't think I'd spend that much for any book, unless it was some old book owned by John full of his doodles, underlines, running commentary and marmalade stains from the toast he was eating while he read the book at the kitchen table or something!

Digression: Is marmalade macrobiotic? My guess is no. But he ate it anyway, apparently, and got annoyed when it wasn't in the house....

Anyway, the William book I have is a kick. William is a good-hearted, inventive child way too smart for the adults who surround him; and yes, you can see a lot of John in him. It would take a perceptive child to be able to grasp all that is really going on in the stories, because the prose does not patronize and spell everything out to the reader.

The book I had was a fun read.

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