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Default Re: What\'s your opinion of the film, Magical Mystery Tour?

I don't know what you're talking about? I've watched the film twice now within 24 hours!

Seriously though, I watched it first to cross-record (I think Americans call it pirate) the film onto another tape so that I don't keep playing the original over and over, ruining it. I did lose a little interest at the end but I didn't fall asleep. I watched it again to see whether there were any PiD clues that weren't in the booklet. I've got a few which will be posted up on my site in a couple of days.

Did you know that Paul exposed himself during the Fool on the Hill music scene? It's during bit where he appears from behind the hill and skips towards the camera in a long, black cloak. His shirt-tail is showing, but if you look closely, there's something wobbling underneath! What does everyone think?
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