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Default Plz list songs that mention Beatles songs or Beatles lyrics.

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OK,so I think perhaps I might have misinterpreted that other topic post somewhat,so I said let's start my own & did.

So,here you can and should post songs that have references directly to songs by The Beatles or lyrics from Beatles songs.

Here are a few BBMak ones I found to start it with:

1)"Staring Into Space" by BBMak

"I hear a song,and that just brings it all back,and it seems like 'Yesterday'."
(listen closely...he's identifying "Yesterday" as the song that brings it all back!!)

"In the end,the love you receive is equal to the love you take."
(A re-wording of "The End",so that they could sing it & not get sued.)

2)"Run Away" by BBMak
"Someone said 'Love is all you need.'.Take my hand.I'll show you what he means."
(Geez....I wonder who HE was that said "All You Need Is Love"!)

Before you ask,yes,I am a huge BBMak fan.Also, BBMak are big Beatles fans.
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