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Default Hi, I'm back from 2005!

Many greetings to all Beatlemaniacs!
I'm almost new here. My name is Elena Grebennikova. I used to write at this forum in 2005. Many things happened since that time.

I graduated Uni, worked a bit as a translator. Got my 1st category in chess. Got mentally ill, struggled with illness for many years, got mental disability.

I started a blog "Bullfrogr" in 2015. Wrote several novels, short stories and two books of essays. Started getting my poems published in my country and abroad. Began water scrying as art work and the research of symbol scrying. Managed to write some music, while I never even studied music.

I want to meet new friends here. Maybe someone recalls me. But actually, many years passed, so I guess it is different here than in 2005.
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