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Originally Posted by Lucy View Post
Yeah I agree that her running to the press wasn't exactly professional and it was a stupid thing to do. But I don't think it is fair to make out that Heather wasn't guilty of something in this situation. I'm not suggesting that she just thought "nah I won't pay" but I do think she - certainly at first - milked the "I don't have all that much so I can't pay your high fees" image that this woman saw in her. Have you read the full News of the World interview? Don't worry - that is of course taken by me with a grain of salt.
there are so many Heather articles but you probably mean the one with all the "accusations". Yes I have seen that one and have posted there saying that I think quite some of it will be true yeah, but for the publicist to put this in to the open in this glossy way is 1) quite bad and 2) not so smart of her because of a possible lawsuit, which is there now.

I think the reason she went to the press with all this was because she knew it was the way she could REALLY hurt Heather and make her feel terrible. Nasty. But she obviously was very mad.
LOL I think "very mad" is well described and no doubt Heather felt mad herself when she read it, but I believe in the long run the publicist will be the big loser because Heather has already has this "reputation" after the divorce trial and all which came after that, but the publicist will probably - I hope - see the result of her actions business wise by losing confidence from other clients.
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