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Originally Posted by Lucy View Post
EXCLUSIVE: Heather Mills sues her former publicist for £250,000

Heather Mills is suing her former publicist Michele Elyzabeth for more than £250,000 for breach of confidence and falsehood over newspaper allegations about the former model's failed marriage to Sir Paul McCartney, the Daily Mail can reveal.

Miss Mills, 40, mother to the ex-Beatle's four-year-old daughter Beatrice launched the High Court Action against her former employee following Michele Elyzabeth's claims that Heather Mills was obsessed with money and fame.

She branded Miss Mills as 'having no heart' and accused her of trying to smear her ex-husband during their acrimonious divorce earlier this year.

Michele Elyzabeth, 58, worked for Heather Mills for four years until earlier this year, when the pair fell out. Miss Mills claims she sacked Michele Elyzabeth, after losing trust in her judgement, while her employee claims she resigned because Miss Mill was impossible to work for.

The claim for breach of confidence against Ms Elzabeth, who lives in the US, was issued the day after the first installment of her account of of working for Miss Mills was serialised in the News of the World. The case is being handled by renowned barrister Jonathan Crystal and is expected to be heard within the next eight weeks.

Miss Mills, who lost a leg in a road accident, was divorced from Sir Paul McCartney, 66, in March and was awarded a £24.3 million settlement.
What ?

... don't tell me that she's already spent all the cash that she got from Paul ? (LOL)

Seriously, add this latest episode to her already long list of similar undertakings... it just shows all the more who, or rather, "what" she is... all about...
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