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Heather is back on the warpath

Just when it seemed that Heather Mills might have seen enough of the inside of a court room, the former wife of Sir Paul McCartney is about to embark on another attempt to rescue her tarnished reputation.

From friends to enemies: Heather Mills (left) and her former publicist Michele Elyzabeth

Her target is her publicist, Hollywood PR supremo Michele Elyzabeth, the woman who was once Heather's staunchest defender but is now her bitterest enemy.

I can disclose that Heather, 40, has issued a writ in the High Court against Ms Elyzabeth, who worked as her spokeswoman for four years, but who has since described the former model as a pathological liar, gold-digger and "the biggest bitch on the planet".

The details of the writ have not been revealed, but legal experts believe it involves breach of contract or libel.

Intriguingly, Ms Elyzabeth, who is based in Los Angeles, is not aware of the legal action.

One of the toughest celebrity PRs in the business, she replaced two previous British-based publicists. But her business relationship with Heather ended with a huge telephone row in July.

The two women are already involved in a legal dispute over a bill for 168,000 which Ms Elyzabeth insists she is owed, claiming to have worked for Heather for two-and-a-half years for nothing because Miss Mills pleaded poverty.

This was before she reached her divorce settlement with Sir Paul. For Ms Elyzabeth later learned that Heather splashed out 15,000 on a cruise at a charity auction.

In fact, court papers showed that at the time Heather had received 3 million from the former Beatle, although Ms Elyzabeth claimed she told her he had given her nothing.

The PR has previously claimed she was tricked into spreading lies about Sir Paul and to leak false stories to the Press to try to blacken his name.

Worse still, she claimed that Heather even ridiculed his performance in bed to amuse friends in crowded restaurants and at the hairdresser's.

"She was exceptionally dismissive about him, going into graphic detail about their love life. She was very indiscreet," says Ms Elyzabeth.
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