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Apple records at it again... sorry, but the two CD set will do me just fine... and I'm not quite rushing out to get it at that

Just thought I'd share a nice, local story about that album...

Expo '67 (Montreal World Fair, a huge, and to this day still, unanimously stated as a major culture/social changing event for us), in the period between the LP's u.k. (may 26th) and north american (june 2nd) releases

This guy (who today is known as a music expert... of sorts) had heard if the LP's release and, very eager to hear it, he asked a United Airways stewardess friend of his to buy him a copy in the u.k. and fly it over here, along with herself.

Upon getting his hands on it, he went to the Expo '67 outdoor both that Radio Canada (our equivalent to the BBC) had and handed it over to the man hosting there daily, a very intellectual serious type, still well respected today, whom you'd never associate with being into that kind of music, but who knew quality when he heard it, and hence he played it...

... on and on... for a few days, young people gathering and sitting there (some "lighting up"), almost in a communal manner, listening, transfixed, by that music

Damn, had I not been just a month old back then...
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