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Smile Some more encounters from NYC in the '70s

Two charming anecdotes by regular gals who lucked upon a brush with greatness.

# 1 ~ Susan Madris:

In 1972, my husband and I were waiting on a long movie line in NYC. A small woman broke into the line politely to purchase a pack of cigarettes at a vender stand. As we parted to let her through, we realized it was Yoko. Yoko! That meant John was close by. Sure enough, he was standing on line about 5 people ahead of us. When the line moved, we moved fast and snagged a seat right behind them. John talked throughout the movie and included us in his conversation. I was totally starstruck and could not say a word. Since then, I have often thought of what to say to him. No words can express the way I feel about his music, his love of peace and his influence on me and my generation. I always think of my encounter with John and how friendly he was, and I always wish I had the courage to tell him how I felt.
...I can just picture John chatting away throughout the whole film.

#2 ~ Kathy Roeder:

I was at a now defunct Cuban restaurant on Columbus Ave. in the the late 1970s. The only other customers on that gray, cold, February day were John Lennon and Yoko Ono. I was grousing to my friend--a writer--about how hard it was to write. He had an appointment and left and I was alone with John and Yoko pretending not to notice them. HA. John Lennon spoke, "Writing's not that hard luv, you just put your pen to the paper and do it!" Oh dear, dear John I need your advice more than ever now.

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